tiesTo add the finishing touch to any formal workwear outfit, a neck tie or scarf fits the bill perfectly.

Pennline is a leading supplier of formal workwear, based near East Midlands Airport in Leicestershire, and offers a number of designs of ties, which can be broadly split into two main types – woven and printed.

The traditional woven tie is a popular choice for many organisations, and this style has been brought up to date thanks to modern production techniques which give greater flexibility in terms of colours, styles and details.

The traditional weaving process is well known and will be a familiar technology to most readers – two distinct sets of yarns, the warp and the weft, are interlaced with each other to form the fabric.  The threads can either be durable and practical polyester or luxurious silk.  The warp threads run lengthways and the weft runs across from side to side on a loom.  The pattern in the finished cloth is generated by raising or lowering the various hooks that hold the threads on the loom.

The second category of ties is the printed tie, a manufacturing process which give greater flexibility in terms of colours, tones and complexity of the design.  Again, there is a choice of polyester or silk, and a screen printing process is used to impart the design onto the fabric of the tie.  Depending on the complexity of the design, several screens maybe required to achieve the desired pattern and finish.

The same screen printing technology can be applied to ladies’ scarve and squares, meaning your whole team can benefit from the same professional appearance – ideal for corporate events, exhibitions, conference and product launches.

For a bespoke product, for example to add a company logo to a tie or scarf, hand printing is possible in up to four colours, subject to longer leadtimes and defined minimum order quantities.

Choosing the right workwear can sometimes seem complex and daunting.  You might even say it is easy to tie yourself up in knots selecting the perfect formal wear for your organisation.  But here at Pennline we are always willing to advise and help our clients make the best choices.  So, if you’ve got an important event coming up, don’t weave it too late in talking to us about your workwear requirements.  we like to think that weave got the perfect solution for your event!

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