There are many situations where it is necessary to cover the soles of your shoes, either for cleanliness and hygiene reasons, or where additional grip is required on a particularly slippery surface.  Examples include visiting show homes, working inside a food preparation facility, or when exposed to chemicals and other slip hazards.

Rather than providing visitors to your facility with a temporary pair of specialised footwear, the idea of providing them with a set of overshoes makes a lot of sense, both in terms of cost and convenience.  Also, the wearer gets to keep their own shoes, which is better from a comfort and hygiene point of view.

Manufactured in France by Tiger-Grip Engineering, the Easy-Grip White Anti-Slip overshoe is made from 100% rubber.  These handy overshoes are available in four sizes which, thanks to their stretch-to-fit design, cover all UK shoe sizes from 1.5 through to 13.  The four sizes are easily identifiable thanks to clear coloured labels on the inside.

These easy-to-use slip on overshoes are waterproof and reusable, and are certified to the latest European Standards – EN ISO 20347 (PPE Occupational Footwear) and EN ISO 13287 (PPE Footwear, test method for slip Resistance).  They exceed the requirements of SRC grip certification, which combines the SRB standard (oil on a steel surface) with the SRA Standard (detergent on a ceramic surface).

For heavier duty applications, such as workwear boots, wellies and catering shoes, the Easy Max version is available.  Sharing many of the design features of the Easy-Grip White versions, the Easy Max offers larger shoe/boot coverage area and is made from black stretch-to-fit rubber.

Within the Easy Max, five size options cover all UK shoe sizes from 2 to 13.  They are also fully certified to EN ISO 20347 and EN ISO 13287/SRC.

So, if you work in an industry where it would make sense to offer employees or visitors a high quality and easy-to-use slip on overshoe, then these Tiger Grip items are a great idea.  For more information regarding pricing and MOQ, please contact Pennline today.


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