Leading workwear supplier Portwest have developed a unique piece of safety technology that uses GPS location to communicate the location of your lone workers and can also send alerts if the wearer is in danger or moves outside of a prescribed area.

Called the PB10 Portwest GPS Locator V1, this small, lightweight (just 60g), waterproof device doesn’t require an interconnected mobile phone or SIM card, since it makes use of the Sigfox GPS network, meaning that your team are always protected, however remote their location.

The device cannot be switched off, so it can’t accidentally be left in non-transmit mode, for added peace of mind.  Depending on usage, the built-in rechargeable battery can last from several months up to a year.  It sends a “low battery” alert and can easily be recharged via a USB connection.

In addition to its reliability, SIM-free operation and long battery live, other key features include the following:

  • Location Data, via GPS, which is easily incorporated into your company database to receive a wealth of geographical information, in real-time;
  • Digital Reports and analytics via the Portwest Digital Worker Safety Portal;
  • Safety Alerts– up to five types of alerts can be configured for each device, which can be automated or triggered via the built-in alert button;
  • Geo-Fencing – Establishes a “virtual boundary” within a zone that triggers an alert when the device is moved in or out of a designated area.

The PB10 Portwest GPS Locator V1 is truly a revolutionary step forward in worker safety – inconspicuous enough to make it a simple addition to anyone’s kit, yet versatile enough to allow location information and customisable alerts to be transmitted from anywhere, all in real time.

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