Imagine a beautifully manufactured winter jacket that does more than just trap your body heat – it actually generates heat of its own! Well, imagine no longer, since Pennline can now supply the Ultrasonic Heated Tunnel Jacket  from leading workwear manufacturers Portwest.

The winter jacket itself is a well padded outer garment made from a baffle fabric that offers excellent insulation against cold weather.  The outer shell is made from a premium water-resistant but breathable fabric and the jacket features multiple zipped pockets for ample storage, with a choice of coloured zip pullers.

This jacket’s most unique feature, however, is hidden within the garment itself, where multiple carbon fibre heating panels are embedded within the fabric.  Powered by a rechargeable control panel in a chest pocket, this ingenious device offers three power settings which can be decide by the wearer, based on the level of additional heating required and the length of time the heating is required.  The selected power setting is demonstrated by different coloured lights, visible on the control unit in the chest pocket.

Based on a full battery charge, the power settings are offered as follows:

  • High temperature – Red light – Offers a temperature of 45C for around three hours
  • Medium temperature – White light – 35C for up to six hours
  • Low temperature  -Blue light -25c for up to ten hours

The control panel also features an additional USB socket for charging a mobile phone, but this will obviously affect the duration of heating available to the wearer.

The winter jacket is currently available in black, dusky olive, metal grey and navy, in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL

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