When it comes to selecting workwear shirts for your organisation, it is important to consider the various “fits” and styling features, to make sure you make the right choices for your team.

There are generally three main styles, or “cuts”, of formal shirts:

  • Slim Fit, which have a tapered/shaped cut through the body and waist, giving a flattering “fitted” appearance. Slim Fit shirts generally have darts on the back and the body to shape the shirt and define the wearer’s waist;
  • Tailored Fit, which is cut more generously than the Slim Fit around the chest and waist, giving greater freedom of movement for the wearer. Tailored Fit shirts are still tapered, but offer a more relaxed style compared with the Slim Fit designs.
  • Classic Fit, which has a generous cut across the chest, shoulders and waist, with back pleats ensuring a loose fit;

Further styling details include the choice between chest pockets and a plain-fronted shirt, as well as contrasting inner colours for cuffs and collars – popular in situations where ties are not worn, which is increasingly common in many business situations.

Having chosen the correct fit, there are other options to consider, including sleeve length – long or short, the type of fabric – popular examples including Oxford, Poplin or Twill – the collar design – Classic, Cut-Away, Button-Down or Mandarin – and the choice of single or double cuffs.

With so many choices, it is important to work with experts in this field, and here at Pennline we have a huge amount of experience helping clients select the best options for their organisations. We can also assist with personalisation of workwear items, which has a great finishing touch to a carefully selected range of corporate clothing. We have skilled in-house design and printing capabilities and can arrange for high-quality embroidery if required.

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