blog 22.05.18-01Branded mugs are a great idea for corporate merchandising gifts, since they put your brand at the heart of your client’s office, factory or warehouse.  They tend to get used when people are ready for a break, so have positive connotations in that respect, and should also last a long time, meaning they represent excellent value for money as a marketing tool.

Traditionally, mugs have been printed on a limited vertical area either side of the handle, but Pennline is now able to source innovative, high quality mugs with multiple printing locations, that add a new dimension to this most versatile of business gifts.

In addition to the normal printing ares on either “side” of the outside of the mug, we can also arrange for precision transfer printing in the following areas, to reinforce your brand or add additional information, creating a truly unique and eye-catching marketing idea:

  • Colour banding, around the rim of the mug
  • Handle printing, ideal for adding a phone number, website or short tagline
  • Handle flash – an elegant single “brush stroke” that adds a touch of style to the mug design
  • Backstamp, involving printing on the base of the mug, so visible when in use
  • Inner rim print, guaranteed to catch the user’s eye when they take a sip
  • Inside base print, which is a novel way to show your brand when the mug is empty

Any combination of the above techniques can be used to create your “mug masterpiece”, so you can let your imagination and creative skills run wild.

In addition to beautifully printed mugs, various packaging options are also available, allowing safe and secure transportation and storage of your crockery creation, including protective boxes suitable for posting your mugs.  Some display/presentation boxes can be printed in full colour, representing additional branding opportunities or the chance to personalise the gift in some other way.

So put the kettle on, make a brew, and give Pennline a call to find out more about these great marketing ideas.


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