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Last year we wrote a blog on Cork promotional items.  Another renewable resource which is being increasingly used for promotional items is Bamboo.

Why is  Bamboo so green:

  • It can replenish itself within a year with minimum water needs
  • Naturally pest-resistant, so no usage of pesticides
  • An incredible alternative to plastic because it’s so strong and durable – but is biodegradable and natural instead.

Most people will be aware of bamboo pens, bamboo straws and bamboo socks but how about tumblers, speakers, USBs, charging pods and lanyards.  All of these tactile bamboo items and more are available at Pennline, to support an environmental message for corporate gifts and giveaways.

A new product this year is a Bamboo power bank that provides 5000 mAh of back-up power for mobile phones or other digital devices. It features LED indicator lights and a webbing made of RPET material.  The power banks are individually boxed and delivered with an instruction manual (both made of sustainable material).

A lesser known product available in bamboo is name badges. These are available in a variety of sizes with bar pin or dual pin & clip fitting.

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