combined camo (1) (002)Whilst it might seem like an oxymoron, getting noticed in camouflage or khaki clothing and accessories make perfect sense, since this fashion trend is extremely popular at the moment and has led to a growing range of items being made available to the corporate clothing market.

It may be to generate a particular look and feel at a corporate event, or for a team-building exercise with a group of co-workers.  Whatever the event, choosing camo or khaki apparel is sure to be a big hit and make a great impression with everyone involved.

Pennline’s range of khaki and camo apparel includes T-shirts, polos, long-sleeved tops, shorts, trousers and hooded jackets.

Accessories include peaked caps, beanies and a range of holdalls of different sizes.

Depending on the type of camouflage pattern – jungle (forest-type green), desert-type brown, or urban-type grey -garments may be able to be personalised via our in-house design and printing service.  For example, white lettering or logos would stand out well against a predominantly dark green camo background.

So, when it comes to selecting a novel and on-trend corporate clothing range and you can’t see the wood from the trees with your normal range of choices (that’s a camo gag!), then speak to Pennline about our range of khaki and camo clothing.  Unlike these garments, we are easy to find and in plain sight(another camo gag!) – just follow the link or call 01530 224 333

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