TriDri® sports base layer set

TriDri® sports base layer set

With the cold weather well and truly upon us, it is especially important to choose the correct clothing before venturing out into the great outdoors whether for work, travel or recreational activities.

Base layers, as the name suggests, sit close to the wearer’s skin, and are manufactured from specialised technical fabrics which are designed to remove moisture away from the body, thereby preventing chilling.  In a process referred to as “wicking” the baselayer allows skin to stay warm while the fabric cools down due to evaporation/drying.  It is this property that makes the baselayer the ideal under garment for outdoor activities, especially physical pursuits where the wearer is likely to perspire.

Base layers are generally made from synthetic technical fabrics such as polypropylene, polyester or nylon, or indeed a mixture of these materials.  It is their ability to wick away moisture that makes these fabrics superior to standard materials such as cotton, which soak up sweat but are far less efficient at releasing moisture to the surroundings.

Here at Pennline, we supply a range of baselayers, from a number of top brands including Adidas, Rhino and Finden and Hales.  Tops are available in long or short sleeve variants.  Shorts and leggings are also available.  Some styles are available as a matching two-piece set of top plus leggings.

As you would expect, a full range of sizes and colour options are available – please call us for further details of these items, together with our full range of corporate workwear and high quality promotional products.

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