High visibility vests are an essential piece of personal protective equipment (PPE) for a wide range of situations and working environments.  Whether it is on a construction site, a logistics yard, or in a factory, a hi viz vest make total sense in terms of reducing the risk of serious injury.

Traditionally, high visibility vests (also referred to as tabards), feature two important safety elements;

  • A brightly coloured fluorescent material to enhance visibility in normal daylight;
  • Reflective tapes across the chest and over the shoulders that catch direct light such as headlights, floodlights or torches.

PPE manufacturers Portwest have added a third element to this list, based on their Glowtex™ technology:

  • Light emitting strips that literally glow in the dark, or in very low light conditions.

The Glowtex™ material simply needs to be exposed to artificial or natural light for 5-30 minutes to “charge” the special strips, which then glow brightly for 30 minutes.  They typically take six hours to fully discharge and fade.

Potential applications for this revolutionary new vest are numerous, but obvious candidates would include workers in road or railway maintenance, site security services, mining and the emergency services.

Via its in-house design and printing service, Pennline can offer a personalised printing option, adding a carefully placed company name or logo with no significant impact on the visibility level of the vest.

For more information about these Glowtex™ vests, or any other items of PPE, please contact Pennline today.


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