Verona Champagne GlassDrinkware products, particularly glassware, offer a high quality and eye-catching gift or promotional item, that will be used and treasured by the recipient for a long time.

Whether it is a seasonal gift for a valued client, an internal award for a high-performing individual or team, or a retirement memento for a long-serving colleague, personalised promotional glassware remains one of the leading promotional items in the marketer’s toolbox.

As explained in our blog in April, technological advance mean there are now several methods for decorating glass giftware, from the traditional sandblast engraving – ideal for a simple logo or message – to the latest full colour digital printing techniques that allow photographic images to be added to the glassware surface.

The style of promotional glassware available is surprisingly broad, from traditional wine glasses and whisky tumblers, to champagne flutes and more specialised designs such as gun glasses and craft beer tankards.

Indeed, the availability of glassware designs often mirrors social drinking trends.  At the moment, for example, gin drinking is becoming increasingly popular, with a significant number of new gin distilleries opening around the UK during the past five years.  Similarly, there has been a huge upturn in the past decade in the number of craft beer breweries, following a change to the brewery taxation system in 2002.

In summary, a well-presented gift-boxed glass, particularly if it suits the recipient’s preferred tipple, makes a wonderful and memorable fit with a high perceived value.

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