cdpencilsThanks to widespread media coverage of plastic pollution in our oceans and the wider environment, the general public have never been more aware of the need to use the earth’s resources in a more responsible and sustainable way.

In an initiative lead by the UN Environment organisation, 5th June was designated Work Environment Day, where one of the key themes was assigned the hashtag #beatplasticpollution.

No-one disputes that plastic is a useful material for a huge range of everyday applications, but we all have a duty to use this valuable commodity in a more environmentally friendly way.  That’s why, here at Pennline, we are pleased to be able to offer a range of writing instruments made from recycled and biodegradable plastics.

The Green & Good™ range includes pencils made from recycled CD cases.  These UK-made pencils can be supplied in a wide range of popular colours and with short leadtimes.

Other products made from recycled CD cases include the twist-action Realta Pen – either in single colour or two-tone shades – the Eclipse Pen and the sophisticated Ethic Pen with its high quality mechanism and silver trim.  All of these EU-produced pens are available in a variety of shades and can be colour printed with your name, logo, website etc.

Several designs are available made from recycled plastic bottles too, including the Yukon Pen, the clear blue Avon Pen and the Hudson Solid Pen.  There is also a highlighter available made from recycled plastic bottles, also in a clear blue finish and with either pink or yellow ink.  A new addition to the range is the Litani Frosted Coloured Pen, which is available in seven exciting shades of semi-transparent recycled plastic.

Some biodegradable plastics are also used for the manufacture of promotional pens.  The range includes the best-selling Indus Pen and the Hudson Frosted Biodegradable Pen, both made in the EU and available in seven bold colours.

So, when it comes to selecting your company’s promotional merchandise, please remember that there is a range of alternatives to the traditional image of the single-use throw-away products often associated with this sector of the market.  We can all make a difference when it comes to the environment and a good place to start is with the most popular of all promotional items, the humble branded pen.

For more information on any of these products, or other eco-friendly items in our extensive range, please contact Pennline today.


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