ElectronicWeatherStationOnce considered an exclusive high end corporate gift, electronic weather stations are now a much more mainstream promotional items, whilst still offering a product a few notches above the rest.

Pennline, the East Midland’s leading supplier of top quality promotional items and workwear, offer a range of promotional electronic weather stations which can be printed with your company name, logo or contact details.

They make a fantastic corporate gift, since they will sit on our customer’s desk and be regularly viewed throughout the day, providing a range of useful information including – depending on model – time, date, hygrometer, barometer, and even moon phase.

Some promotional weather stations can also be wall mounted, and most are supplied in individual gift boxes, to enhance that premium feel.

Since they are battery powered, rather than having a mains connection, they offer portability and flexibility, making them the ideal gadget for frequent travellers, for example.

Here at Pennline we can’t guarantee good weather, but we confidently forecast that you will be impressed with our range of corporate gifts and our level of customer service!

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