An important item of workwear that is easily overlooked is the humble sock.  Providing a vital barrier between your boots/shoes and your feet, choosing the right workwear socks is vital for the comfort and convenience of staff.  When people are on their feet for the majority of the day, the importance of selecting the correct hosiery cannot be under-estimated.  Your feet contain 25% of the bones in your body, so they are definitely worthy of some attention!

A surprisingly wide range of workwear socks is available from Pennline, the East Midlands’ leading supplier of corporate clothing. whether it is walking socks, boot socks, wellie socks or ultra heavy duty professional socks to be worn under reinforced PPE safety boots, Pennline have the right sock for every situation.

Some designs feature anti-bacterial treatment and bamboo yarns, ideal for working in warmer conditions during the summer months.  Others have thermal properties ensuring improved wearer comfort in colder conditions.  Most socks feature additional cushioning at critical areas of the foot, with some offering reinforcement at the heel and toe.  All are easy-to-wash and hard wearing, making them practical and long-lasting items of clothing.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when selecting the ideal workwear socks, but you can rely on the team at Pennline to help you select the optimised product for your particular requirements.  We will always go the extra yard (ie three feet) to ensure that your staff step out in the ideal clothing-quite a feat I’m sure you’ll agree!


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