Pennline offers a wide range of products, some of which can be printed in-house, presenting many advantages towards bringing you your solution, including:

  • Quality production
  • Fast production
  • Control
  • Integrated printing techniques
  • Personalisation
  • Cost-effectiveness

This is achieved with the versatile range of our state-of-the-art facilities, capable of printing durable graphics on a variety of items, allowing customised results to suit your personal requirements.

Our facilities:

Digital software

Digital software enables the desired artwork to be created or amended, enabling the customers’ requirements to be met. Each proof can be shown to the customer, giving them the option to see a visual and provide feedback in order to make amendments. An example of this is the ability to re-size the logo to fit within a specific space. Once the final artwork is achieved, it can then go on to being printed.

Popular printing items include; jackets, hoodies, mugs, hi-vis vests, umbrellas, t-shirts, coasters and caps.


BN-20 Printer/Cutter

This versatile, state-of-the-art machine allows, stunning, durable graphics to be printed and cut on a range of media, including; labels, stickers and decals, to then be applied to signs, posters, garments and much more…


GX-24 CutterFisher German Hi Vis Back Guide 1

This machine cuts the outlines around and within the graphic on to the preferred sheet of vinyl, which is then manually weeded-out, leaving behind the cut graphic on the plastic backing. This can be then transferred onto an item. This is commonly used to print a company logo onto a hi-vis vest, and can be used for much more…



Heat press machinery – Swing Press, Cap Press, Mug PressPennline Mug Photo (1)

Once the graphic has been printed/cut onto the desired media, some can then be transferred onto an item using the heat press. The temperature, pressure and timer are set, the item placed onto the plate with the graphic placed on top. The heated plate is then pressed onto it using a lever: The heat and pressure then transer the graphic onto the item’s material. As the transfer is heat-dried, on clothing items it can withstand the roughness of machine washing.

Different machines/plates can be used in order to fit different items, including jackets, tshirts, vests, caps and mugs. This is a great way to advertise your company or to get your message across.

Sublimation printing uses the heat, pressure and time to leave behind a permanent, full colour image by converting the inks from a solid to a gaseous state, which penetrate the surface of the item. As the surface of the item is penetrated, the outcome is scratch-resistant and long-lasting, where other printing methods that print onto the surface are not. This method can only be done on items coated with polyester or polymer, as the pores in these materials allow the gaseous ink to enter before returning to a solid state and becoming a part of the polymer.

Pennline offer high quality sublimation printing over a wide range of products to meet your personal requirements.

Button badge & keyring assembly machines

These machines allow a desired graphic to be incorporated into a badge, pocket mirror, magnetic bottle opener, magnet or keyring. Once the desired artwork has been created within the template, it is printed and then cut ready for pressing.

The base is placed onto the bottom plate, followed by the artwork and then the plastic top; these elements are then pressed together between the two plates, giving the final outcome.

These are great for giveaways to advertise your company brand.

Contact Pennline and let our team help you with your printing requirements.

Pennline New Design Button Badge, Mirror, Bottle Opener, Magnet PHOTO

Key Fob 3, Pennline

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