KitsUKA useful and fun giveaway suitable for a wide range of activities and past times, urban kits are small, convenient plastic pods containing a variety of handy items that the user take with them in their car, handbag, golf bag, suitase, sports bag etc.

A huge range of kits is available from Pennline, in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

Popular examples of these UK-made kits include the following:

First Aid Kit – contains 10 assorted plasters, two antiseptic wipes, small scissors, micro-porous tape, safety pins, a sterile dressing and five sterile gauze swabs.

Glovebox kit – contains a hand warmer, ice scraper, travel sweets, snap light, mini pad and pen, wipes, tissues, a sewing kit and a pair of disposable plastic gloves.

Handbag Kit – contains lip balm, a pen, a refreshing wipe, moisturiser, a hair band, sewing kit, plasters, mint, comb and tissues.

Travel Kit – contains sun screen, tissues, a refreshing wipe, plasters, lip balm and a mini pen and pad.

Golf Bag Kit – contains golf tees, pitch mark repairer, golf ball marker, pencil, energy bar, handwarmer, lip balm, sun cream, wipes, plasters and tissues.

Numerous other kits are available, including the Bike Ride Kit, Winter Sports Kit, Fishing Kit and even an Office Survival Kit!

These handy little kits can be customised making them an ideal and low-cost targeted corporate gift.

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