February 10th is known as Umbrella Day, honouring the invention of that useful and essential accessory to protect us against the worst elements of the British climate (or, just occasionally, to protect against excessive sunlight!).

Due to the vagaries of the weather, umbrellas are a popular choice for branded merchandise and corporate gifts throughout the year.

Pennline offer a broad range of umbrella options from compact business-type designs, suitable for carrying in bags or rucksacks, to larger golf umbrellas.

Many designs include useful features such as storm proof vents and ribs dramatically reducing the risk of the umbrella turning inside out on windy days.  Some also have luxury feel rubberised handles whilst others feature push button self-opening mechansisms.

New designs added to the range in 2015 include an automatic opening telescopic wood crook umbrella (see picture) and even a “Bottlerella” complete with a built in bottle opener!

Pennline’s umbrellas can be selected in a variety of colours and whose substantial canopy areas make them ideal for the printing of brand names or logos, making them the ideal marketing tool.

So don’t let the weather get you down – see it as an opportunity to boost your brand awareness.  You’re certain to have your customers or prospects singing your praises when they get saved from a drenching thanks to one of these branded brollies.

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