In today’s food preparation areas, hygiene guidlines are tough and the risk of cross contamination through neglecting these requirements puts many people at risk.  With the surface wipes, cross contamination is eliminated with a single stroke, killing off all potentially lethal bacteria from passing from one product to another.

Fast acting and with a high kill rate, makes sanisafe the ideal product for areas where sanitised surfaces are paramount. With 1000 sheets per bucket, or 200 sheets per tub, sanisafe is ready to tackle the toughest of situations

  • Sanisafe Surface wipes are impregnated with a synergistic blend of bactericides, surfactants and alcohol.
  • They provide an ideal way of sanitising where the use of a liquid is impractical.
  • Sanisafe provides the ideal means to achieve this sanitisation with the minimum of disruption to production.
  • One Sanisafe wipe is normally sufficient to sanitise several square metres. If the surfaces to be sanitised are heavily soiled, the area that can be sanitised is correspondingly smaller.

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