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Pennline offer a wide range of fun, exciting and useful accessories for the latest generation of mobile phones.  Most people are inseparable from their mobile phones these days, making Pennlines range of phone accessories the perfect promotional items to reinforce your brand range and promote your business.

Our range includes the following:

1. “The Trumpet”.

A cleverly designed gadget to amplify the sound from selected smart phone models,  without any electronics or batteries.  Compatible with the Iphone 4, 4S and 5, “The Trumpet” is made from scratch-resistant silicone and is available in four standard colours (black, red, blue and white).

2. “The Bubble”.

This handy device fixes to the back of a smart phone, or indeed other mobile devices, allowing it to be propped up for reading, watching films or playing games.  Like “The Trumpet”, the bobble is made from silicone and is available in four standard colours (red, white, black and blue).

3. Phone Sock.

This trendy fabric sock will protect valuable mobile phones and has a matching , detachable lanyard for added versatility.  Available colours are purple, red, pink, blue and grey.

All items can be printed with your Company logo or other marketing messages making them fantastic corporate gifts or giveaways.

Please call Pennline to find out more what the printing options available on these products together with any non-standard colour requirements you may have for the Trumpet or Bubble items (subject to minimum order quantity).



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