Why wear a hard hat?

Wearing a hard hat could save your life.  The function of the hard hat is to deflect blows from the head and is a key piece of personal protective equipment (PPE).


Which hard hat?

A hard hat needs to be chosen based on the type of work to be undertaken and ensuring it meets all required safety standards.

Pennline can supply hard hats conforming to EN397 standard: Industrial Safety Helmets.  The key features are:

    • Shock absorption
    • Resistance to penetration
    • Resistance to flame
    • Chin strap anchorage


 Importance of colours

  • Different colours can be used to identify different roles within the workplace – for example first aiders, fire wardens etc.
  • The hard hats which Pennline supply are available in red, yellow, blue, white, hi viz yellow and hi viz orange.


Taking care and replacement of hard hats

  • Take good care of your hard hat. Inspect your hard hat every day for damage.
  • In general, the EN397 standard states that hard hats should be replaced 5 years after the date of manufacture indicated on the crown of the hard hats.
  • Hard hats should always be replaced after impact or damage.


Add your logo

  • It is possible for Pennline to add your logo on the hard hat which helps to promote your business and ensures the hard hats are easily identifiable.


If you are looking for hard hats or any other PPE product please contact our team today to discuss your requirements.

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