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A new addition to Pennline’s extensive range of workwear and related items is a compact but fully equipped first aid kit. The first aid kit (pictured) comes in a flexible and hard wearing pouch, featuring:

  • Hardened plastic carry handle
  • Integrated belt loop
  • Heavy duty double zips
  • Internal webbing

The compact size of this kit makes it ideally suited for storage in vehicle glove compartments, tool kits or ruck sacks.  It is therefore a valuable safety addition for business travellers and people involved in outdoor work or leisure activities, either for themselves or for helping others in need of urgent assistance.  Of course, this versatile and well equipped first aid kit is also ideal for use at home, providing extra security and peace of mind for colleagues working from home.

The first aid kit featured here contains the following items :

  1. 20 assorted waterproof plasters
  2. 2 x PremierBand triangular bandages
  3. 2 x cleansing wipes
  4. Nitrile Gloves – medium pair
  5. HSE medium dressing
  6. First aid guide leaflet

All dressings are CE marked and other kits are also available to suit your business safety requirements.

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