embs Mug Photos (1)Along with pens, printed promotional mugs have been shown to be the best promotional products to facilitate recall of the advertiser’s name or branding message.

Once “installed” within a customer’s premises, for example on a buyer’s desk or in a communal kitchen area, they are sure to get plenty of use and last a long time, resulting in considerable exposure for your brand.

Their usefulness and long life, together with the large printing area afforded by this type of product, make them a top choice in the marketer’s basket of giveaways or corporate gifts.

Here at Pennline, we can supply a broad range of promotional mugs, in different shapes and sizes. They can be packaged individually, either in plain or in gift boxes, and like many of the promotional products supplied by Pennline, they can be printed in-house for a fully customised service.  Whether it’s a logo, contact details a “mugshot” or other photographic image, Pennline can ensure a high quality printed finish that is certain to create a good impression with your customers.

So contact Pennline today, or pop into our Diseworth office if you’re in the neighbourhood.  The kettle is always on and we’ve certainly got the right mugs on hand to offer you a warm drink while we discuss your promotional requirements.


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