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A survey was commissioned by the BPMA and individual interviews were carried out by an independent research agency in December 2012. Sectors represented in the survey included finance and IT, retail, services, insurance, charity and education. 52 per cent of respondents were aged 30-49.

Top Promotional Products

Top Promotional Products

Other Top Promotional Products %
Confectionery 17.2
T / Golf Shirt 16.5
Diary/notebook 16.1
Pen 15.3
Wallet 14.5

Immediate actions and reactions upon receiving a promotional product.



1. Like receiving free promotional products that have an advertising message 46.1%
2. Would like to get promotional products more often 50.5%
3. Generally keep the product if they like it 61.4%
4. Generally keep promotional products if they have a use for them 66.9%
5. Do not forget the advertiser/product after they have had the promotional product for more than 6 months 94.1%
6. Think promotional products are not a waste of money 97.7%

Which products are most likely to be kept the longest (at least a year)

  • USB’s were the highest with 63 %, followed by Mugs, Umbrellas, Clock/Watch and then Pens.

How many promotional products do people have on their desk/in their office?

Promotional Products on Desk

Most prevalent promotional products in the office (out of 1000 respondents)

Prevalent Promotional Products

Which advertising media has the best ability to get people to take action?

Advertising Media Action

Which advertising media has the best ability to make a product, brand of service be remembered by being seen most often

Advertising Media Remember

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