PackagingPennline, the East Midlands’ leading supplier of branded workwear and promotional merchandise, takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously.

Since most of our stock arrives from our suppliers in cardboard boxes, and our deliveries to customers also tend to be in this type of packaging, we have a policy of reducing our environmental impact by reusing suppliers’ boxes wherever possible.

Corrugated cardboard is already an environmentally friendly type of packaging.  According to the Confederation of Paper Industries, more than 80% of all corrugated cardboard boxes in the UK are recycled, which is the best recycling rate of all packaging materials.  By reusing our boxes wherever possible, Pennline delay this recycling process, thereby further reducing our environmental footprint.  Any boxes that cannot be reused are of course separated, flattened and sent for recycling.

An important aspect of our packaging reuse philosophy is that we always ensure that the boxes we use are suitable for their intended application.  We will never compromise our high standards of logistics and customer service by using substandard packaging.  We would prefer to write-off a used box, and send it for recycling, than deliver products to our valued customers in poor quality packaging.

In order to avoid any confusion in the logistics chain, we always cover up any markings or bar codes relevant to the box’s previous user, and use our own Pennline branded tape to reinforce the boxes and ensure they arrive at our customer’s premises in the best possible condition.

Businesses of all sizes have a  responsibility to review all of their processes and procedures to minimise their environmental impact wherever possible.  So by thinking “outside the box” in this way, you can be assured that here at Pennline we take these sustainability issues very seriously, and are happy to contribute to the “greening” of our industry.


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