Ice Gripper1

Keep safe on the snow and ice with the Ice Gripper.  These ice grippers fit over most shoes and boots.  There are a range of five different ones for use with a variety of foot wear including trainers, shoes, boots and safety footwear.  They are compact and lightweight making them easy to transport almost anywhere anyhow.  There is no need to change footwear, simply pull the ice gripper over your existing shoes or boots.  The spikes dig into the ice and snow and grip allowing the user maximum confidence in walking through slippery areas.

This inexpensive safety aid will ensure your staff are confident to walk and work outside in icy conditions.

Pennline have been providing the ice grippers for the past five years and have found customers very happy with them.  We have supplied individuals to large companies.

If you are looking for any safety work wear or related products or would just like to discuss the ice gripper in more detail please contact one of the Pennline team today for further information

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