With the start of spring earlier this month, many of us will now be thinking more about getting out and about and, in particular, getting more exercise as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

One of the simplest and most convenient forms of exercise is walking, whose health benefits are numerous and well documented.  These benefits include improved heart function/circulation, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels and the promotion of weight loss, plus many others.

The increasing popularity and availability of pedometers help to remove some of the guesswork out of quantifying your walking exercise.  Pedometers are small electronic/mechanical devices that attach to your clothing (typically waistband, belt, or shoe) and count the number of steps taken by the wearer during a day. 

Pennline offers a range of handy pedometer models, in various colours and with different functionality, to suit a variety of users’ requirements and budgets.  Most models can be printed with a customer’s name or logo, making them an ideal business gift or motivational item for your own staff.

So contact Pennline today and we will help you make the right selection for your business.  Ordering your promotional merchandise from Pennline couldn’t be easier.  In fact, you might say it was “a walk in the park”.



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