Stylus Ballpen in useIn this increasingly high-tech world, with more and more people making use of smart phones, e-readers and tablets, the combined features of a Stylus Ballpen make them an ideal promotional item.

Combining a high quality writing instrument with a convenient stylus feature, these pens represent an obvious evolution from the traditional branded pen, and ensure that your company name is always close at hand in front of your customer.

Stylus Ballpens are available in a range of designs and colours, to suit any budget or branding requirement, and offer a usefully sized printing area for the organisation’s name, logo or tagline.

As we reported in a blog last year (30th September 2014) nine out of ten business professionals have a branded promotional pen on their desk.  Adding the functionality of a stylus to this must-have marketing giveaway brings the humble ballpen into the 21st century, ensuring its continued success as the most popular and effective corporate merchandising idea.

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