With Christmas fewer than 14 weeks away (I know, we couldn’t believe it either!) now is the ideal time to start planning your corporate gifts for the festive season.

Of course, the first item to consider, since it is required sooner than any other, is the traditional advent calendar.  Pennline offer a number of designs of advent calendars, most of which are available in either “traditional” or desktop sizes.

TraditionalCalendarFor a light-hearted festive gift, our calendar supplier can create amusing caricatures of your staff using their in-house artist, based on photograph(s) supplied by yourselves.

The Deluxe Advent Calendar features more traditional designs, and contains delicious chocolates inside with foil wrapping over the windows, giving a high quality finish to this premium product.  This calendar is currently only available in desktop size.

These are just two of the newest additions to the range of advent calendars available via Pennline – for more information please feel free to get in touch and we will try to help take some of the stress out of choosing the ideal corporate gifts this festive season.

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