Why is hand protection important?

More than 25 percent of all workplace accidents involve hand and finger injuries.  That’s why it is important to take advantage of the a wide range of products available which are designed for a variety of industries, applications and hazards. It should be possible to find the right hand protection to suit your job requirements.


Different Types of Hand Protection

Mechanical Protection Gloves

These gloves are designed to provide protection against abrasions, cuts and punctures as well as offering grip properties for handling materials in light oil or dry applications. They also deliver varying levels of liquid repellency and a variety of special properties, whilst ensuring dexterity and comfort.

Chemical and Liquid Protection Gloves

These are manufactured for superior protection against splash and/or full immersion exposure to a wide variety of chemicals and liquids. These gloves also deliver varying levels of cut and abrasion resistance for added protection in rugged environments.

Product Protection Gloves

These gloves are engineered to provide product and worker protection in environments with specific regulatory requirements. They have characteristics suited for applications including clean rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, electronics, food processing and service markets.

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