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An unusual but increasingly popular choice of corporate gift, particularly for the more environmentally aware amongst us, is the so-called flower set.  These items make perfect gifts particularly in the Springtime, and are suitable for people of all horticultural abilities!

Pennline offer a number of flower set gifts, including the following:

Desktop Garden Tube – a recycled aluminium tube measuring 120 x 45 mm and supplied with a cork seal, containing dehydrated soil and a seed pack.  Suitable for desktop use, the addition of water is all that is required for a colourful display.  The tube can be personalised with a full colour label 140 x 22 mm.  Minimum order quantity 50 pieces.

Tiny Terracotta Cube – the pot is supplied with soil and a choice of seeds, including Lucky Clover, Venus Flytrap, Sunflower, Norway Spruce, Hot Chillies, Mixed Herbs, Wildflowers, Grape Vine or “Butterflies & Bees”  mix.  Supplied in an attractive cubic box measuring 60 x 60 x 60 mm, which is available in a range of colour and printing options.    Minimum order quantity 100 pieces.

Seed Stix – Supplied in a matchbook style packet with 10 biodegradable sticks with seeded tips.  A choice of seven varieties is available – Forget-me-not, Alyssum, Snapdragon, Babies’ Breath, Mixed Flowers, Love in a Mist or Mixed Herbs.  The card wrap can be supplied with full colour printing with dimension 75 x 105 mm.  Minimum order quantity 500 pieces.

Various seed packets large and small, are also available.

So for a truly unusual but fun gift, consider these flower sets for your next marketing campaign. Please contact Pennline for further information on these, or any other, gift ideas.

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