PS46 ear muff

PS46 ear muff

Recent studies have shown that the most common form of workplace injury is hearing loss, a result which you may find surprising.

Whilst it is common practice to wear hearing defenders in high-noise situations, many people do not realise the potential long-term damage of prolonged exposure to medium-noise environments and would perhaps not automatically think of issuing suitable hearing protection in these situations.

According to Directive 2003/10/EC, the minimum requirements for the protection of workers against the risks related to noise exposure are split into three bands:

Group 1 – Eight hours’ exposure time between 75dB (eg vacuum cleaner level) and 80 dB (eg a passing car): Hearing protection recommended.

Group 2 – Eight hours’ exposure time at or above 80dB: Hearing protectors to be made available for the worker.

Group 3- Eight hours’ exposure time at or above 85 dB(eg passing truck, power tools, lawnmower, pneumatic drill, sirens, jet engines): Obligatory hearing protection.

Pennline is a leading supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) and we have a range of hearing protection options, offering the required level of sound attenuation without isolating the worker completely.  All are lightweight and comfortable, minimising any inconvenience of wearing them when required.

The devices offering the maximum level of sound reduction tend to be called ear muffs, the highest performer being the Portwest Max Ear Muff (PS46), which offers up to 34dB of noise reduction (the SNR rating) in a lightweight but robust design.  With its metal cup supports and comfort headband the PS46 ear muff is the ideal choice for high-noise situations.

Various models of ear protectors, offering a noise reduction of up to 32dB, are available, including the Super HV Ear Protector (PS41), which is made from ultra-lightweight HIPS (high impact polystyrene) and features high visibility yellow cups for added safety.  This design folds away into a palm-sized shape which prevents external contamination.

Various PU foam ear plugs are also available, in orange or blue, offering noise reduction of up to 37dB.  Some designs are joined by a cord to prevent loss, especially useful in environments such as food production or other hygiene-critical processes.  Ear plugs are supplied in pairs in individual resealable hygienic packaging.  Alternatively, a dispenser containing 500 pairs can be supplied, which can be wall or table mounted.

For more information on any of our ear protection equipment please call Pennline today.  We look forward to hearing from you!.

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