Snicker knee pads

Working on your knees for even a limited amount of time can cause pain and stiffness to those vital joints, so imagine the potential damage for craftsmen who spend the majority of their working day in that position.  In fact, it is understood that professional craftsmen put more pressure on their knees than the forces endured by many top athletes.

Choosing the correct kneepad is vital for the protection of your workforce and should be considered as an essential element of their personal protective equipment (PPE). Pennline, the East Midlands’ leading supplier of workwear and corporate merchandise, offers a number of knee pad designs from leading manufacturers.

Knee pads are available in three main types:

  • Type 1 – Strap on knee pads;
  • Type 2 – Insert-type kneepads, compatible with particular designs of workwear trousers;
  • Type 3 – Kneeling pads – familiar to gardeners but also a convenient “quick fix” knee protector for professional use.

For types 1 and 2, different levels of protection are available, according to European Standard EN14404:2004, ranging from Level 0 to level 2, the higher the number the greater the degree of protection.

A variety of materials is used in the construction of these kneepads, including high density EVA foam and polyurethane, offering an ideal combination of durability, flexibility and comfort.  Some of the premium designs feature a PVC shell filled with silicone gel, which acts as an efficient shock absorber for the knee joints whilst offering unrivalled comfort by adapting to the shape of the knee cap.  The PVC shell offers abrasion resistance and protects the wearer from sharp objects such as gravel, nails or wooden splinters.

Pennline has many years of experience helping its customers select the optimum PPE and workwear products for its staff.  We are here to help if you (k)need assistance or advice!

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