Over recent years, the USB flash drive – or “memory stick” – has established itself as a firm favorite in the world of promotional marketing gifts, since it is a practical, useful and fun item with a high perceived value that recipients will want to use day in, day out.

Even with the advent of cloud storage, the USB flash drive remains a useful way of backing up and transferring files, especially while on the move or when internet access is difficult or inconvenient.

With typical storage capacities in the range of 4-16 GB modern memory sticks have plenty of space for an enormous number of files, including high resolution photographic images or complex spreadsheets, databases or presentations.

twister usb

USB twister

They are available in a surprisingly wide range of shapes and sizes, from the standard but hugely popular “twister” type, to more novel shapes that can be selected to more closely match your own product or service offering.  Most designs offer a sizable printing area for you logo, phone number or website address – this is especially true for the “credit card” style of USB flash drive, where photographic quality images can be printed for a more eye-catching and targeted promotional item.

Some manufacturers can even offer bespoke custom-made designs, using PVC injection moulding techniques.  These, of course, are more costly than off-the-shelf designs, but offer a truly unique and memorable gift for those important customers or contacts.

Many companies choose to give out empty memory sticks, for example at exhibitions and conferences, but a key marketing opportunity can be obtained by uploading a company presentation or product images onto each memory stick, which the user is bound to want to explore when they insert the flash drive into their device for the first time.

Pennline is able to supply the broadest range of USB memory sticks from a wide selection of high quality manufacturers.  For more information about this useful and well-appreciated marketing tool please get in touch, either by phone or by email.


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