Last week’s blog discussed our range of bump caps, which are ideal for a number of situations to protect wearers against static objects such as low ceilings, doorways, shelving etc.

However, when there is a risk of falling objects, a fully certified safety helmet must be worn as part of your PPE setup.

Portwest have recently introduced two new high specification helmets, both of which conform to the necessary European standard, namely EN 397:2012 (Safety Helmets), and have been tested at a wide range of operating temperatures (-30°C and +50°C).

Carbon helmet

PC55 Endurance Carbon Helmet

The PC55 Endurance Carbon Helmet is manufactured from high quality ABS, a material which offers the ideal combination of strength, rigidity and toughness.  In the case of the PC55 helmet, the product has also been tested for lateral deformation (LD), meaning it offers the wearer some additional protection, comfort and peace of mind.  It features ventilation slots to allow a refreshing airflow around the head, and has a ratchet wheel at the rear for precise size adjustment (56-63 cm) and easy fitting.  The interior of this helmet has a comfortable six-point textile harness and it is supplied with a four-point chin strap to make sure it stays in place in all situations and conditions.

The PC55 Endurance Carbon Helmet is finished in an attractive and high-tech carbon-fibre inspired painted finish, and is fully compatible with a number of accessories, including clip-on ear muffs.

Height Endurance Helmet

PS53 Height Endurance Helmet

The PS53 Height Endurance Helmet is a light, comfortable design with a shorter peak, ideal for working at heights.  Like the PC55, the PS53 is made from high quality ABS plastic, with an internal six-point textile harness and wheel ratcheet size adjuster at the rear (52-63 cm).  It features an internal sweatband and a four-point chin strap with a soft rubber chin protector.  A key feature of this model is that it also conforms to EN 50365 Class 0, meaning it offers electrical insulation up to 1000V AC or 15000V DC.  It can be ordered in five different colours – white, black, blue, hi-viz yellow and hi-viz orange – and is compatible with accessories such as clip-on ear muffs.

As well as offering excellent head protection, safety helmets also offer a good branding opportunity allowing high quality printing in several locations on the outer surface.  Pennline have extensive in-house printing capabilities and would be happy to discuss various branding options with customers of these products.



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