plastic-12-wall-clock-silver--3262-32--hdThis time of year is ideal to be thinking of clocks and watches as promotional items for your business, since everyone is more likely to be looking for confirmation of the time after the clocks change back to GMT this weekend.

In fact, clocks and watches make great promotional gifts at any time of the year, due to their high perceived value and the fact that your brand is likely to get plenty of exposure on the wall, desk or wrist of your important business partners.

Pennline supply a wide range of time pieces, from traditional wall clocks to more contemporary table-top items, many of which incorporate additional functionality such as date, alarm and a display of ambient/weather conditions.  A number of different designs of analogue and digital watches are also available which, when combined with a quality presentation box, make a memorable gift for the recipient.

One example of a product combining the traditional design style of an analogue wall clock with the more contemporary features of a built in digital display is the Silver 12″ Wall clock, shown.

With its clean and simple white background, it offers plenty of space to add your company logo or tagline.  The clock has clear numerals and smooth-turning second hand.  Two digital displays in the lower half of the clock face show ambient temperature (switchable between either degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit via a button on the rear of the unit) as well as atmospheric humidity levels, thanks to a built-in hygrometer.  This great value clock is supplied with a battery and is individually boxed.

This is just one example of (h)our broad range of promotional clocks and watches.  Get in touch today and we guarantee you won’t have any “second” thoughts!

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