Eye Protection

Your eyesight, and that of your workforce, is an incredibly important and precious sense, which is highly susceptible to injury in the workplace.  Analysis of accident data has shown that between 10 and 20% of eye injuries can cause permanent loss of vision and that 90% of incidents involving damage to the eyes can be prevented with the correct use of appropriate eye protection.

Risk to the eyes are numerous and vary widely by industry and job function.  Whether it is dust or splinters in the building industry, chemical or gas release in manufacturing industries, or sparks, optical radiation and molten metal in the fabrication and electronics industries, eye protection must be an essential element of your PPE equipment.

Pennline is a leading supplier of personal protective equipment (PPE) and offers a comprehensive range of over 40 eye protection products to help prevent injuries from the widest possible range of risk scenarios.  Our range includes safety spectacles, googles, face screens, face shields and visors.  Most designs are stylish, lightweight and incredible easy to wear, meaning it should be easy for users to accept them and not feel any inconvenience from using them where required.


Different types of protection equipment provided by Pennline

Not only does Pennline provide a huge range of eye protection, but we also supply a range of hearing protection, hand protection, and much more.


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